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Friendship Shayari

Hello, friend this article only provide you latest Friendship Shayari. You can easily read this Shayari, SMS and wish your friend by sending this SMS, Shayari. bengalishayari.com is the top Shayari world, all type Shayari are available here. Friendship is very important in our life, likely a friend is a part of the body. Life is uncomfortable fell without a true friend. Here also available good morning SMS, birthday SMS, love SMS. Search Google bengalishayari.com

Friendship Shayari

Those sparkling eyes,
That amazing face,
A 100watt smile,
The enthu stride,
The cheerful talk,
Charming personality!
…I’m still the same. How are you?.

Bright r your eyes,
sweet r your words,
we r two happy birds,
…together as friends!!

SMS jake usko HELLO kehna.
smile kare to SO SWEET kehna.
delete kare to SORRY kehna.
agr mujhe miss kare to same 2 U kehna.!!

Getting a friend like you,
has given me a thousand happy days.
If I ever lose you,
I will find a thousand ways to make you stay.!!

With atomic and meteoric regards,
My volcanic impulse trembles every time
I greet a person with a magnitude of
…Character and charm like you !!

Some feelings are better shown through silence,
some relationships are better known through feelings.
Though we may not talk more often,
we do know the silent feelings between us.!!

Friendship Shayari

Friendship Shayari

Santa dialed a no.
A girl answer d phone..
Santa: Hello Kon?.
Girl:Mai Sita,
Santa:O! teri,
Ye to Ayodhya lag gaya.!!

A simple HELLO
can b soo sweet…
H= How r u?
E= Everything is k
L= Like 2 see you
L= love 2 hear from you
O=Obviously Miss you!
……so…. HELLO!!

Friendship and Love SMS
‘attraction is the temproray love’,
But ‘love is the permanent attraction’..
So love all your friends and enjoy your life.!!

A warm hello doesn’t come from the lips,
It comes from the heart,
Doesn’t have to be told,
It has to be shown,
Doesn’t have to be given,
It has to be sent.!!

Say HELLO 2 me
….What happen ??

Questions R many,
But answers R few,
So I ask U only a question,
….How are you?!!

Friendship SMS
Trees are tall,
Branches are small,
u r greater than all.!

Meinay kahaaa “Dil Rubaaaaa”
Usnay kahaaaa balance bhijwaaaa
Mainay kahaaaa “Paisay Nahee”
Usne kaha “Kaisay nahee”
Mainay kaha “Mehangaai Hay”
Usne kahaa “Jaaa aaj say tu mayra bhai hey!

Success is not final,
Failure is not ending,
Be enjoy your life,
Don’t miss your life.

When i dont get ur sms!
A little pain in my heart
A small tear in my eyes
And sadness falls on my face
What is this?
Its nothing
Just Dramebazi…..!

Every friend in life is the most beautiful gift of God
I am gifted by God to have a friend like you!!

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