Birthday Wishes For Friend – Many Happy Birthday Wishes Shayari

Birthday Wishes For Friend

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Birthday Wishes For Friend

Brothers are created especially so that you can
make all the mistakes and blame it on them,
 let them do all the work and take the credit
and ask them for favors and help anytime you want.
Thanks for being there in my life,
 dear bro. Happy Birthday.

Dear bro, You are like snow Creating happy
faces Wherever you go, Dear bro, I want
you to know From my life don’t ever go
 Happy Birthday to the best brother
in the whole world.

Dear brother, it’s difficult for me to pour out
all my wishes for you in one single line,
but all I can say is that I owe
many of my happy times to you.
May you have the best of Birthdays
 and successful years Ahead

I would love to bring the world to your
feet on your Birthday as your present,
but let my wishes suffice with a genuine
 prayer for your happiness and well being.
Happy Birthday dearest Brother

If I had to pick one person who
 I could call my best friend,
 the strength of support, mentor and guide,
all rolled in one,
 I would pick you with my eyes shut.
You’ve been much more to me than
my brother all my life.
Happy Birthday,

Looking back in life,
I realize that there were so many
times when you saved me from a fall and
 I didn’t even realize it. Thank you for being
there for me all this time.
Wishing you a very
Happy Birthday, dear,

Birthday Wishes For Friend

May God bless you with his divine grace
 and grant you all that you ever longed for.
I wish you my dearest brother peace, love,
 happiness and success on your birthday.
 Have a grand day.

My best-est bro needs the best-est
wishes in the whole world!
You deserve the best things in life dear brother.
Happy Birthday//

No gift in the world can match a
wonderful brother like you.
You’ve been the pillar of support for
our family and today we
wish to thank you for the same.
Have a super successful year ahead, brother.
Happy Birthday!,
I pray to God that nothing ever comes between
us and that our bond only grows each year.
Wish you a very Happy Birthday.

On your birthday cheers to the unique
bond of brotherhood.
 I love you man.
Happy Birthday..
Have a blast and lots of beer too.

On your special day today,
 I pray to God that nothing ever comes between
us and that our bond only grows each year.
Wish you a very Happy Birthday.

Thank you for protecting me and always being
there where it meant watching my
back or simply listening to me.
I love you, bro. Happy Birthday
May God bless you with everything that
you have always wanted. Have a blast.

Thanks a ton for always being there to share a
drink or to straighten up those guys
who mess around with me.
Thank you because I know
 I can always count on your brother.
 May God bless you….
Happy Birthday

There are three things in life
 that I want to thank God for;
having a great set of parents,
a great home and a fantastic brother like you!
Happy Birthday, bro!

We’ve been together like the
stars and the moon Dear brother,
 I hope to see you soon Today there
 are tons of things I want to say But through words,
 I don’t know how much I can convey
 You mean a lot to me Wishing
 you a very Happy Birthday.

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