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Sad bengali shayari
Sad bengali shayari Melancholy Shayari in Hindi is the extraordinarily slanting look on the Internet. Every sweetheart needs to examine this kind of Shayari’s.
Some of them share it on Social Media and others stay in contact with them in a diary. With everything taken into account, Sad bengali shayari Are you in like manner hunting down Sad Hindi Shayari for WhatsApp and Facebook? If Yes,
Sad bengali shayari


by then this article is exceptionally made for you. I am will bestow something interesting to all the broken sweethearts who examine for Bewafa Dard Shayari!! Everything thought of it as’, an appalling condition when someone makes Us to a great degree disturb.
In this time, we all in all go to Sad Songs and Sad Shayari. Sad bengali shayari On Google, a heap of locales is available which gave clusters of Sad Status to Whatsapp and Shayari anyway as I see, they aren’t captivating unreasonably.
Here, you will get the Saddest Love Shayari in Hindi which has suggestions also. Everything, I am will share is stand-out and interesting people so don’t figure you will find the opportunity to scrutinize same and same things on all destinations. You may in like manner like Attitude Shayari and Birthday Shayari in Hindi.Sad bengali shayari

Ki kore bolbo ami tomay valobashi.

Paro na ki buje nite deke mukhe hasi.


Priya tomer misty hasi

     amer legechhe valo.

Taito ami aj hoyechhi tomer

      Prem a pagol…………


Sad bengali shayari

Prem ar sathi chiro sathi.

             thake chiro kal.

Prem ar rong sada noy,

Rong je lal………….


Most popular SMS

Sad bengali shayari

Jhor utle jemon kono badha manena.

Mone amader jhor uthechhe taoki bojo na.

Prem sagore jani tomi dube morechho.


Sad bengali shayari

Ale tomi amer kachhe jedin sejeguje.

Tomay deke sedin theke monta gelo moje.

Redhoye amar utholo uttal Taranga.

Tomi sudhu bose bose dekchho nana ango.


Raat  jaga pakhir moton,

                Ami o thaki jege.

Moner maje shanty pai,

Tomer kotha sune…


Amar upor rag korle ,

Ami jabo kothay.

Tomi amer sob kichhu ,

Khoma koro amay.


Sad bengali shayari

Sad bengali shayari

Hoye gese deri  aj,

     Mone kichhu koro na.

Abar tomi kachhe ase,

   Hatti amar dhoro na.


Rag hoyese boyei gese,

   Ache aro chhele.

Bujbe tokon hatti dhore,

 Jokhon jabo chple.


Most popular SMS

Sad bengali shayari

Sorry sorry very sorry,

Hoye gese deri.

Abar theke kotha dilam,

Asbo tara tari…….


Tara tari koro priye

  Ar koro na deri.

Tomar birohe buji,

Ami pren a mori.


Sinemate jete chao,

Cholo setha jabo.

Dujonate hole bosei,

Pre mar kotha kobo.


Sad bengali shayari


                DAK DIYO NA******

          DAK DILE AMI TO ,,,,,

PREN A BAJBO NA….,,,,,,,,,,,





BIYE HOBAR PORE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Aachol khani howyay ore,

 Kane dulse dul.

Tomi amay khoma koro,

     Jodi kori vul,,,,,,,,


Prem korte giye onek,

Bhul hote pare.

Sekotha vule giye,

 Khoma koro more,,,,,


Sad bengali shayari

Sad bengali shayari

Jotoi tomi fuchka khaoyay,

Volate parbe na aj.

Kotha diyeo kalke tomi ,

Korle na se kaj……


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